Briz Sports

About Us

Briz Sports is an innovative and experienced sportswear brand specializing in modern “school specific” sports gear and teamwear apparel. Our extensive list of satisfied clientele spans across Australia, covering a host of schools (government, private & remote), sporting clubs and businesses looking for superior quality, exceptional designs and cost effective teamwear solutions. Although we’ve established an impressive resume on delivering the industry’s most cutting-edge school leavers jerseys, Briz Sports has quickly become recognized as one of Queensland’s top manufacturers of school sports team apparel & products.
Headquartered in Queensland, Australia, we are extremely proud to have partnerships in place with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in China. We’ve found this to be crucial for expanding our range of premium products, services and teamwear solutions. This expansion in apparel includes an assortment of fully customizable socks, jackets, hats, and athletic bags. In addition, we use a unique blend of climate specific and body forming fabrics, distinctively made for seasonal sports, along with the wear and tear of each individual activity.
Our dedicated staff consist of highly knowledgeable designers, production experts, along with customer service & sales representatives whom take a hands-on approach to accurately securing, sourcing and supplying. Although providing quality is the heart and soul of our business, we firmly believe in going above and beyond expectations and delivering 100% customer satisfaction – from start to finish.