Why BRIZ Sports


Briz Sports offers you a one-stop-shop sportswear solution to many (if not all) of your “school specific” sports apparel needs.  Whether searching for premium gear for your soccer team, AFL, rugby, netball, volleyball, or any of your team oriented activities, Briz Sports has you covered.  We not only have an ensemble of in-demand sports wear, we offer a full range of quality sporting gear accessories, including socks, hats, bags jackets, jerseys and more.

However, it isn’t simply about the products that we carry.  Most of our success was founded upon our ability to provide gear that offers unique and customizable features, including…


  • Specialized branding – Customized color combos & standout embellishments designed to create a unique look for your team, while delivering a championship caliber profile.
  • Local climate fabrics – Breathable material that adapts to mother nature.
  • School kids specific cuts – Mold-able sportswear patterns fashioned to accentuate the young, evolving physique.
  • Youthful durability – tough sewing, reinforced lining and blended fabrics that will not rip.
  • & much more!



We’re not your typical a supplier.  We actually manufacturer all of our sports apparel and accessories, allowing you to fill your individual needs – through one convenient source.  Many suppliers use manufacturers like us, and serve as a middle man, transferring the additional cost onto you.  Using a one-stop-shop teamwear solution like us means no more deferred cost, multi-sourcing, insane order requirements, problematic bookkeeping or extended delivery dates. 



Not only do we offer FREE delivery (T&C’s apply), but our turnaround time is close to 30-40% quicker than MOST of our competitors.  A quick production time and delivery will ensure that you receive your garments on time – when you need them. 



At Briz Sports, we believe that customization is a powerful tool, that if used properly can help exemplify individual experiences, personalities and stylistic preferences.  This applies not only to each student, but to each team, school and faculty.  We offer an assortment of customized accents that can instantly transform the image of your garments, from average to exceptional, while showcasing your team pride.  Including:

  • High Quality Embroidery
  • Original Screen Printed Designs and Embellishments
  • Multi-Colored Collars and Patterns



As a premier manufacturer and Australian-wide supplier of tearmwear solutions, we can not afford to cut corners.  We understand that if your garments don’t look good, it makes us look bad.  Which is why we make every single garment using nothing but premium quality fabrics, expertly crafted by an experienced team of professional designers.  Our unique blend of “climate specific” fabrics:

  • Possess lite, and highly breathable attributes that will make wearing them feel natural.
  • Come in a variety of modern cuts, specifically designed for comfortability and to adhere to physiques of all shapes and sizes.
  • Feature unique characteristics designed for moments of causality, individual sports and high contact activities.
  • And so much more!



We offer a diverse and wide-range of high quality teamwear solutions.  Don’t limit your creative choices due to lack of availability.  Select from a colorful, comfortable, and fashionable choice of convenient options:


  • Sublimated Sportswear
  • Cut & Sew Sportswear
  • Senior Jerseys
  • Jackets
  • Hoodies
  • Bibs
  • Team Bags
  • Hats
  • Socks
  • CALL US for more options!



Our top management having years of experience of manufacturing garments and they have carefully  partnered with oversees manufacturers, enabling us to offer an exclusive line of NEW sports apparel items and accessories.  Our dedicated staff consist of highly knowledgeable designers and production experts whom take a hands on approach to accurately securing, sourcing and supplying your apparel.



Sure, we firmly believe in providing opportunities for our customer service and sales representatives to visit your clubs & schools, listen to your needs, and offer suggestions.  However, ultimately, it’s about you… your club, school… your team… , colors and designs.  It’s your gear.  We feel that you should have it branded, customized and designed the way you want it.