About BRIZ Leaver’s

@BRIZ SPORTS, it all begins and ends with stylistic innovation, quality control and your satisfaction. Since our 2013 conception, our goal has never been to emulate other school leavers suppliers, but to bolt past our competitors and leave them in the dust.

We recognize the uniqueness of every student and leavers program. So, if you’re looking for conventional Leavers Jerseys that is bland, outdated and identical to other school’s leavers programs, we’re probably not the supplier
for you. Truth is, we’re not looking to fit the status quo. However, if you’re looking to provide your students and faculty with a cost effective and exclusively memorable set of pride-inducing, stylish and high-quality branded material that will set them apart from every other program, then we would be proud to call ourselves your partner, and one-stop-solution to all of your customized leavers needs.

We’re not just some reseller afraid of getting their hands dirty. We’re a sole experienced manufacturer – able to pinpoint an issue and create a resolution. Within 5 years, we’ve not only managed to position ourselves as the innovative leaders in customized leavers apparel, but we’ve garnered the attention and respect of our peers. How? By implementing our team leadership programs from the ground up, utilizing the latest technology, and most importantly, taking advantage of our internal quality control specialist.

“The schools and students have spoken. We simply listened !”
(Ezaz K., Product Designer, BRIZ SPORTS)


Why you should make Briz Sports your Leaver’s Partner and Supplier

Design Innovation: Many of our existing clients consider us as the “fashion designer of school leavers.” We offer an exclusive collection of leaver’s jackets, jerseys and customizable decorative options that speak directly to a new generation of students, sports programs and communities.

Leaver’s Jersey and Jackets Ideas: Our team of professional designers can advise and tailor-make a program specifically suited for you. We’ll help you choose from a creative blend of premium colors, knitted collars, applique designs and personalized logo options for all of your leaver’s jackets, jerseys and garments.

Cost Assessment: If you’re new to the responsibility or have been in charge of coordinating your school leavers program for years, we understand the constant evolution of individual needs. Which is why we personalize our highly competitive pricing according to your budget, customization and sizing needs. 

Competitive Advantage: As the premier leavers supplier for Queensland, many of our high quality jerseys, jackets and sports shirts feature a climate specific fabric, in addition to using the finest quality material available. Whether requesting a sample or receiving a finished product, you’ll instantly feel the difference in fabric and see the
distinctness of quality in every inch of detail. Ask about our exclusive embroidery program, fabric thickness and request your samples today.

Excellence & Customer Service: From design to delivery, our goal is to take the stress out of the ordering process, while providing an overall satisfactory and cost effective experience to all parties involved. We take a lot of pride in developing long lasting relationships with our customers by providing friendly customer service, exceptional
product selection and an unmatched quality guarantee.